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We Supply the Science to Support Conservation and Protection

Terrestrial Research began as an idea–an idea about keeping scientists working through research projects that provide the basis for protecting our diminishing wild environments and the unique scientific resources they contain.

Protecting Public Lands Through Research

Our public lands are constantly under attack. We fight back through scientific research. Science can provide the defense of these precious resources. Research in the areas of archaeology, cultural history, biology, and earth sciences have diminished as university budgets have been slashed and government agencies are under increasing pressure to reduce spending on “non-essential” activities. We believe that science and research are absolutely essential in blocking ill-conceived development schemes and destructive uses of public lands.

We Need You

Science isn’t just for scientists–it is for everyone. It is important that any research we perform must have, at its very core, involvement by the public through volunteer programs, educational programs, and other outreach efforts. The key ingredient for any successful preservation project, whether it be scientific or historic, is public support. Science alone can’t provide protection. Without your support, science and research cannot move forward, and natural and cultural resources will be threatened with permanent destruction. Please, take a moment and get involved!

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Terrestrial Research had a great weekend at the 5th annual Bad Ass Mountain Music Festival in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. The festival certainly lived up to its billing, “good music, good people, good times.” We would like to thank all the people who donated, stopped by to chat, and the BAMM organizers that made the event […] The post Terrestrial Research at BAMM – A Big Success appeared first on Terra Blog. [...]
Mon, Jun 16, 2014
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See Page 1:  The Destruction of Archaeological Sites and How To Stop It Technology – global positioning systems (GPS), internet online marketplaces, and reality TV–have made looting sites and moving stolen artifacts easier than ever. GPS allows looting “networks” and the looters to accurately find and share site locations. The internet has made it easier […] The post Our Solution: Use Technology to Protect Archaeology appeared first on Terra Blog. [...]
Fri, May 16, 2014
Terra Blog » Terrestrial Research
Archaeological sites throughout the Southwest are disappearing at an alarming rate. While the inevitable encroachment of development impacts many sites, the real destruction occurs in the backcountry. The remoteness of sites, which had protected them for centuries, has now become a liability. The remoteness has provided cover for those who seek to loot, destroy or […] The post The Destruction of Archaeological Sites & How to Stop It appeared first on Terra Blog. [...]
Fri, May 16, 2014
Terra Blog » Terrestrial Research

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